time_on_fire (time_on_fire) wrote in toyota_prius,

Recalls revisited

The only recall on my 2005 is for floor mats. And personally, I think the floormats are innocent. Other models have been issued a recall for the pedal, but mine is only for the floormats.

Also, I have the brake issue that the 2010s are being recalled for (momentary release of breaks when going over bump or pothole). I've had the problem since the first week I had the vehicle, but I thought it was just the way the ABS worked.  It got to the point where I would take my 20-year old truck or my 20-year old car to work on cold rainy days because I felt safer. Now I hear other people are having the same issue. I took the Prius to the dealership, and they basically told me that the fix they had was for 2010 and they didn't know if it would work on mine, then told me to call Toyota.  (I haven't yet.)

Has anyone else dealt with this?
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Hmmmmmm. I've been saying to my husband that I have this problem on my 2001. It's not all the time, but only occasionally so I wasn't sure if it was real or not.

I'd be interested in hearing what they say about it when you contact Toyota. I may do that myself as well. If there's problems with more than the 2010s, they (and us) should know about it. Not that I really expect them to do much, but maybe if enough people complain they will.