EB (lobstermagnet) wrote in toyota_prius,

Replacing a bumper cover

I don't know about you guys, but my Prius has been victim to some SERIOUS hate-crimes in the 19+ months that I've owned it. I honestly don't know how else to explain it! I've replaced a side view mirror, a windshield, two passenger side windows from a break-in (seriously, they broke two windows and got NOTHING), and my car tags that were stolen. This isn't happening to other cars in my neighborhood, so I assume these lovely folks think that I feel superior to the human race in general and that I need to be taken down a peg. I expected better in California where you practically receive a free Prius just for crossing the border. Anyways, ONWARD!

Yesterday evening I discovered that someone hit the driver's side corner of my car, horribly scratching the bumper and denting the fender. The bumper was already scratched badly on the passenger side after my boyfriend misjudged the garage parking space and scraped it against the wall. At this juncture, I am ready to replace the entire front bumper cover and ask a body shop to paint it for me. This seems to be far more cost effective than the hours of body work it would take to sand, prime, and repaint both areas. I've called around to some body shops and this seems to be the case.

Anyone have experience with this? Or advice to offer? General comments? I'd appreciate it.

Hoping your Prius isn't as banged up as mine,
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