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Prius multi-functional display screen

i have a 2008 Prius. once in awhile, my display screen will seemingly go off on its own. the volume has changed itself (one time). i kept having to turn it down because it would turn itself UP. other times, the radio has become completely unresponsive--i couldn't even turn it OFF using the Power button. the gas mileage bars suddenly blink out and reset themselves. the whole display will go blank, the radio will shut off, AND the mileage bars disappear. sometimes it comes back on, sometimes not. sometimes if i turn the radio back on, it's like i've just started the car.

speaking of, these issues have all returned to "normal" once i've restarted the car never to resurface for many months. until yesterday's 90-minute trip each way. i was fighting it the whole way there and back. previously, i've always chalked these things up to an "occasional glitch."

but this weekend, the reset display thing happened repeatedly, at least 10 times over the course of the two trips. it's not consistent, but it is EXTREMELY annoying not to mention distracting. i end up watching the stupid display instead of driving the car.

i've been reading up in PriusChat about this, and it seems as though it is not an uncommon problem. have any of you experienced this?

i want to have as much information as possible before taking it to the dealer. (like they aren't busy enough these days. jeez.) :(
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