time_on_fire (time_on_fire) wrote in toyota_prius,

Recall, Gas Mileage in Rain, 2010, and the Mississippi Plant.

Four topics.

1.  I was told there was a recall on the 2005-2010 models. Allegedly, the floor mat can cause the accelerator to stick?  I'm not sure how that happens. I live on a farm - I need my floor mats. I'm not ditching them without proof.

2. When it rains, my gas mileage decreases quite a bit. Any idea why? Anyone else experience this? I tested it on a specific stretch of road at 65 mpg on cruise control.

3. The 2010 model can come with a sunroof and seat warmers. These are high on my wish list - make that very high on the wish list. Has anyone driven one? What do you think?
4. Has anyone heard more info on re-opening the Mississippi plant to assemble the Prius?


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