time_on_fire (time_on_fire) wrote in toyota_prius,

Owner's Manual?

The Druid did not come with the owner's manual, and there are certain things that I can't figure out. Toyota wants to charge me $25 bucks for the 2005 manual. (I talked to the dealership and called two phone numbers, and they just keep giving me each other's phone numbers.) I kind of assumed the manual would come with the car since the car was bought at a dealership, supposedly certified and all.

Is it worth the $25? Not to sound cheap, but I just put down a big down payment.

Also, does anyone own the Bentley manual for it? How do you like it?  I had the Bentley for my old car and enjoyed it. But  my old car was, well, old. If I bought a Bentley, would I even need the owner's manual?
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